The greener

With its soulbottles, the Berlin-based company soulproducts GmbH is sending a clear signal against the plastic crisis and taking another big step forward in terms of climate protection: The glass drinking bottle reduces your CO2 footprint to a minimum. Both the 0.6 l and the 1.0 l soulbottles are now produced as Eco2Bottles. Through the increased use of waste glass, optimised transport packaging, the use of green electricity and the use of biomethane, we can effectively reduce emissions by more than 75% compared to the original soulbottle.1

And what we cannot currently avoid or reduce is compensated for by investments in climate protection projects. We take a look at sustainability beyond the bottle neck.

1) According to the comparative calculation by our partner ClimatePartner between the Eco2Bottle, which is produced in extra white, and the original 1.00 l. soulbottle, which was produced in premium white.

Strong measures for
a greener soulbottle

  • Share of waste glass more than doubled

    Already since the end of 2018, we have been able to more than double the proportion of "old" cullet used from under 30 % to at least 60 % by changing the colour from premium white to extra white.

  • Optimal packaging

    In the optimised pack design of both bottles, the compartment was removed. As a result, emissions in the packaging area were reduced by more than half. All components of the pallets, such as films, cardboard packaging and intermediate layers are produced environmentally friendly. After their usage, the pallets and intermediate layers are not just discarded, but repeatedly reused.

  • 100 % eco power

    In production, we rely on power from renewable energy sources. With the purchase of certified eco power from high-quality sources, we guarantee that the power supplier has produced this quantity of green energy.

  • 100 % biomethane

    By using biomethane, we avoid the emissions caused by burning natural gas in the production process. With biomethane, we are using a natural energy source produced from biogenic gases.

  • More efficient inbound logistics

    The colour change means that fewer primary raw materials are used and more "waste" cullet is used instead. As the delivery routes of waste glass are shorter than for primary raw materials, more additional emissions are saved during transport.

  • More efficient outbond logistics

    By changing the packing pattern from glassworks pallets to Euro pallets, we pack 56 fewer bottles per pallet, but we now get 33 instead of 26 pallets into a standard truck. This means that we transport a total of 5,159 more bottles per truck.

Eco2Bottle makes the

even more sustainable

With the Eco2Bottle concept, the soulbottle gets the missing piece of the puzzle to really become the most sustainable drinking bottle in the world. Free of plastic and harmful substances, fair and with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint. A soulbottle is the ideal companion: With the refillable drinking bottle, water is always on hand - whether at school, at work or on a walk - and with every sip, the world becomes a little more sustainable.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Eco2Bottle. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally for further information. We look forward to meeting you and advise you in detail.