Our mission is a wine bottle that can do it better!

The result: Eco2Bottle
The climate-neutral wine bottle.

The wine bottle which reduced its CO2 footprint to a minimum. Due to an extremely high percentage of used glass, the reduced weight of the bottle, the optimised transport packaging and the use of eco-power, we are able to effectively reduce emission by more than 30% compared to that of a standard wine bottle.1 What we are currently not able to avoid or to reduce, we compensate by investments in preferred regional climate protection projects.

We think sustainability beyond the bottle neck. 30% less emissions + climate neutral.

1) According to the comparative calculation of our partner ClimatePartner between the Eco2Bottle and the standard wine bottle, which represents the average of all 0.75 l. Bordeaux bottles from the Wiegand-Glashüttenwerke GmbH product range.

Strong measures
for a greener wine bottle

Eco2Bottle winebottle
  • High percentage of used glass between 92.5% and 98%

    Our bottle is made from 92.5% to 98% green cullet. According to BV Glas, the average amount of cullet used in Germany is approx. 60%. This means that we save 11.4 % energy and 13.3% CO2 compared to an average bottle only due to the very high recycling input.

  • Severely reduced weight

    By changing the construction, we were able to reduce the weight significantly. Consistent quality despite minimal thickness of the walls is ensured due to our innovative production and control techniques. Eventually, we shall keep reducing the weight even further. Compared to the average weight of our 0.75 l wine bottles produced in 2019, the Eco2Bottle is 15.7% lighter.

  • Optimal utilisation of cargo space

    Due to the reduced weight, we are able to achieve a higher packing density in the trucks. We load up to 2.9 meters, thus utilising the cargo hold more efficiently. All components of the pallets, such as films, cardboard packaging and intermediate layers are produced environmentally friendly. After their usage, the pallets and intermediate layers are not just discarded, but repeatedly reused. For example, the intermediate layers are in the pallet cycle for seven years, having completed approx. 30 cycles at the end of their shelf life.

  • 100 % eco power

    In production, we rely on power from renewable energy sources. With the purchase of certified eco electro-power from high quality sources, we warrant that the power supplier has produced this quantity of green energy.

  • Climate-neutral gas consumption

    With our investments in preferred regional climate and nature conservation projects, we compensate for the emissions caused by burning natural gas in the production process. We hereby warrant that the generated CO2 value is fully compensated.

With Eco2Bottle
the wine gets
really sustainable!

Our Eco2Bottle closes the circle of a sustainable wine economy - from the vineyard to the transport to the POS. It significantly improves the CO2 balance of a wine once again thus being the perfect choice for any winegrower who wishes to reduce his own CO2 footprint. This also applies to consumers who value sustainability not only in the wine itself, but also in its packaging.

clear as glass

Filling the Eco2Bottle, winegrowers benefit also from the strong brand character. The glass-clear bottle’s identity allows the consumer to orientate himself on store shelves and indicates immediately that this is a sustainable product.

  • Embossed Eco2Bottle logo

    The Eco2Bottle logo is embossed on three sides of the bottle and gives the consumer a clear orientation at first glance.

  • Eco2Bottle seal

    The Eco2Bottle seal provides additional information, which every wine producer can integrate on the back label when using the bottle.


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