Our mission is glass packaging that makes it better!

Glass is an inert packaging material and can be recycled as often as desired. However, the production of glass packaging is also energy-intensive and requires many fossil fuels. However, there is great potential in all production steps to avoid, reduce or compensate for CO2 emissions.

With Eco2Bottle, a concept was developed for the first time that analyses all steps and consistently uses the potential. It takes into account various measures to improve the CO2 footprint and can be applied to any existing glass packaging.

Eco2Bottle is a joint path to more sustainability and climate neutrality from the glass manufacturer via the food and beverage producers to the consumers.

Eco2Bottle is based on
four main pillars

Individual perspective

Every market, every customer and every product has its own characteristics and opportunities. For each Eco2Bottle project, we take a close look at the individual packaging solution and calculate a unique carbon footprint …

Integral approach

… In doing so, we encourage our partners to consider the entire supply chain. Each individual measure contributes towards an optimal result. We see it as a joint task to ensure greater sustainability …

Step by step solutions

… For this reason, we ensure that every measure to reduce and improve product impact is analysed in detail. An optimally coordinated toolbox helps us to weigh up all the measures identified and to develop solutions for things that seem impossible today …

Consumer perspective

… The consumer plays an important role in this process, as they are the starting point for a higher demand for more climate-friendly packaging. With the strong Eco2Bottle branding, they are directly involved and get a perfect orientation for more sustainable purchasing.

This is the
Eco2Bottle journey

  1. Magnifying glass

    Analyse impact parameters of existing glass packaging

  2. Ok, what can be done?
  3. Tools

    Select the desired measures from the Eco2Bottle toolbox

  4. Dash to the future!
  5. Gear wheels

    Produce the new packaging solution under the Eco2Bottle brand

  6. Yes, it is possible!
  7. CO2 bottles

    Reduction of CO2 footprint and strong contribution towards sustainability

What measures does
the Eco2Bottle toolbox have?

  • Concept development

    In an Eco2Bottle project, each packaging product is considered individually. The aim is to identify and implement optimisation potentials together with customers and consumers throughout the product's value chain. This creates new perspectives on best practices.

  • Recycling

    Recycling is the key to the success of glass as a packaging material. In Eco2Bottle projects, we try to realise the highest share of recycled glass in production slots. In Germany, the average recycling rate is 60%. Depending on the product and colour, we can promise up to 98% cullet content.

  • Weight reduction

    The more glass we need, the bigger the product's carbon footprint. Therefore, weight reduction is an effective lever for CO2 reduction. Through our expertise in product and mould development and our high-tech quality control, we make Eco2Bottle products lighter than you might think possible.

  • Optimised packaging

    Using cargo space efficiently is one of our strategies to reduce the carbon impact of transport. We realise pallet heights of up to 2.90 metres. Reusable layer pads and stacked pallets are additional options. More pieces per pallet means less CO2 emissions per piece.

  • Power supply

    Electricity is one of the main sources of emissions when melting glass. We offer to use electricity from renewable sources such as hydroelectric power for the production of Eco2Bottle products. However, any other option can also be customised.

  • Fossil energy

    Fossil energy from natural gas is still the main source of energy for melting glass. Here we are able to replace natural gas with biomethane. In addition, we have several options to offset the use of fossil energy by investing in national or international climate projects.

  • Strong partnerships

    We run Eco2Bottle projects with our partners throughout our supply chain. For example, we can offer 100% recycled film or packaging materials from our suppliers. We also work with partners to calculate footprints and invest in certified climate projects.

  • Logistics

    With Wiegand Logistics, a complete business division takes care of outgoing and incoming transport. This facilitates the coordination of transport and gives us the feeling of taking things into our own hands. We attach great importance to the latest truck technology. We have also made it our mission to achieve a significant reduction in the burden on roads and the environment by increasing rail intensity.

Our concept convinces

Award for sustainability in the wine industry

At the 2023 competition for the Prize for Sustainability at the AgrarWinterTage in Mainz-Hechtsheim, the jury awarded prizes to products and developments that further advance sustainable management in viticulture. In the category of oenology (the science of wine), our Eco2Bottle concept was honoured.

German Award for Sustainability Projects

On 09 June 2022, the German Award for Sustainability Projects was presented for the second time by the German Institute for Service Quality, the news channel ntv and DUP UNTERNEHMER. Our Eco2Bottle concept was completely convincing and won first place in the "Production" category.


We received the CO&CO SELECTED Award 2021 from CO&CO magazine, the trade magazine from the international world of design, for the brand appearance of our Eco2Bottle product. The award was given for the uniform appearance of the brand and its components logo, web design, bottle design and graphics.

In order to ensure that our customers also benefit, we offer to use the Eco2Bottle branding for communication, labels and products.

  • Printed Eco2Bottle-Logo

    The Eco2Bottle logo is embossed on three sides of the bottle and provides the consumer with clear orientation at first glance.

  • Eco2Bottle Seal

    The Eco2Bottle seal provides additional clarification, which every producer can integrate on the back label when using the bottle.


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Our partners

Our sincere thanks go to our partners for their expertise and close cooperation. Together, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure best quality and tailor-made service.