The greener

Goodvenience.BIO GmbH takes the next step in sustainability in the supply chain of its products with the newly developed Eco2Bottle. Through the very high level of used glass and the use of green electricity and biomethane, we are able to effectively reduce emissions by more than 63 % compared to the originally developed bottle.1

And what we are currently not yet able to avoid or reduce, we compensate for by investing in preferably regional climate protection projects.

1) According to the comparative calculation of our partner ClimatePartner between the Eco2Bottle and the developed bottle without reducing measures.

Strong measures for
a greener Kinski

  • High content of recycled glass of an average of 85 %

    The Kinski Eco2Bottle is produced from approximately 85 % amber cullet. According to BV Glas, the average of cullet used in Germany is around 60 %. This means that we save up to 7.5 % energy and 8.8 % CO2 compared to an average bottle just by using a very high percentage of cullet.

  • 100 % green electricity

    We rely on electricity from renewable energy sources in our production. By purchasing certified green electricity from high-quality sources, we guarantee that the electricity supplier has produced this amount of green energy.

  • 100 % biomethane

    By using biomethane, we avoid the emissions caused by burning natural gas in the production process. With biomethane from German municipal waste, we are using a natural energy source that is produced from biogenic gases.

  • Climate-neutral compensation

    Through our investments in preferably regional climate and nature protection projects, we compensate for the emissions that could not be avoided through other measures. In this way, we guarantee that the resulting CO2 value is completely compensated.

Eco2Bottle makes

truly sustainable

Our Eco2Bottle concept closes the circle of Kinski’s broths sustainable production – from the selection of ingredients to the production of the bottles to the sustainable preparation and packaging of the finished products. With a significantly reduced carbon footprint, Eco2Bottle is the ideal food packaging that makes every product taste a little more sustainable.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Eco2Bottle. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally for further information. We look forward to meeting you and advise you in detail.