The greener
Bordeaux bottle

The first Eco2Bottle, the 0.75 l. ECO bottle, is now available in white in addition to green. For this article, too, we use a very high percentage of recycled glass, plus the reduced weight of the bottle, the optimal transport packaging and the use of green electricity and biomethane in the production process. These reduction measures allow us to reduce emissions by more than 63 % compared to the original article.1 And what we are currently not yet able to avoid or reduce, we compensate for by investing in preferred regional climate protection projects.

1) According to the comparative calculation of our partner ClimatePartner between the Eco2Bottle and the developed wine bottle without reducing measures.

Strong measures for
a greener wine bottle

  • 100 % Eco power

    In production, we rely on power from renewable energy sources. With the purchase of certified eco power from high-quality sources, we guarantee that the power supplier has produced this quantity of green energy.

  • Optimal packaging

    Using cargo space efficiently is one of our strategies to reduce the carbon impact of transport. We realise pallet heights of up to 2.90 metres. Reusable layer pads and stacked pallets are additional options. More pieces per pallet means less CO2 emissions per piece.

  • 100 % biomethane

    By using biomethane, we avoid the emissions caused by burning natural gas in the production process. With biomethane, we are using a natural energy source produced from biogenic gases.

  • Climate-neutral compensation

    With our investments in preferred regional climate and nature conservation projects, we compensate for the emissions caused by burning natural gas in the production process. We hereby guarantee that the generated CO2 value is fully compensated.

Eco2Bottle makes wine
really sustainable

Through our investments in preferably regional climate and nature protection projects, we compensate for the emissions that could not be avoided through other measures. In this way, we guarantee that the resulting CO2 value is completely compensated.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Eco2Bottle. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally for further information. We look forward to meeting you and advise you in detail.