The greener

Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH has been a customer of Wiegand-Glas for many years. That's why it's even nicer that we were able to implement the new launch of the 0.33 litre Adelholzen glass bottle as an Eco2Bottle project. Wiegand-Glas puts the majority of the purchased quantity directly into crates in its own service centre, thus avoiding unnecessary transport emissions to other service providers. In addition, the bottles are produced with approximately 85 % cullet and green electricity is used in production. 1

These measures effectively reduce emissions by 38 % compared to the originally designed 0.33 litre bottle. And what we do not avoid or reduce today, we compensate for by investing in regional climate protection projects.

1) According to the comparative calculation of our partner ClimatePartner between the Eco2Bottle and the developed bottle without reducing measures.

Strong measures for
a greener Adelholzener

  • High percentage of waste glass of approx. 85 %

    The Adelholzener Eco2Bottle is produced from approximately 85 % white cullet. According to BV Glas, the average amount of "old" cullet used in Germany is around 60 %. This means that we save up to 7.5 % energy and 8.8 % CO2 compared to an average bottle only by using a very high percentage of cullet.

  • 100 % green electricity

    We rely on electricity from renewable energy sources in our production. By purchasing certified green electricity from high-quality sources, we guarantee that the electricity supplier has produced this amount of green energy.

  • Boxing in place

    The majority of the 0.33 litre individual glass bottles are delivered directly boxed. Wiegand-Glas does the crating itself in its own service centre, which is located in Schleusingen, just like the furnace where the articles are produced. This means that unnecessary transport emissions to other service providers can be avoided.

  • Climate-neutral compensation

    Through our investments in preferably regional climate and nature protection projects, we compensate for the emissions that could not be avoided through other measures. In this way, we guarantee that the resulting CO2 value is completely compensated.

Eco2Bottle makes Adelholzener
even more sustainable

For Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH, Eco2Bottle is another measure for more sustainability and climate protection. The new introduction of the 0.33 litre Adelholzener glass bottle is a perfect starting point for the concept.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Eco2Bottle. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally for further information. We look forward to meeting you and advise you in detail.